Thursday, April 11, 2013

Creating A Living Invention

This is one of my student's favorite activities!  While learning about the characteristics of living things, each student creates a creature all their own.  The only requirement is it has to fit into the six characteristics we discuss in class.  
 photo LivingInventionCover_zps07a691de.png

The characteristics are:

  • Your creation must be made of cells
  • Your creation must obtain and use energy
  • Your creation must grow and develop
  • Your creation must reproduce
  • Your creation must respond to its surroundings
  • Your creation must adapt to its surroundings
Here is my example.  It's a mushroom bug.  It never brushes its teeth and likes to sleep under the tops of mushrooms.  He fits all six characteristics, as explained in the boxes that surround him.  

My students have come up with some very creative examples over the years.  Many like to take already existing animals and combine them.  They end up with things like raccoon sharks and panda geese.  Very interesting stuff.

This is also an activity that my students enjoy presenting to the class.  I try each marking period to get each student up front explaining their work.  It helps to concrete those things they need to remember and I think it's good for students to be on the other side of the desk every now and again!

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