Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Revolution on Our Wall

I'm a little addicted to timelines.

I love them.

I think they help students visual the story of history.

I know they help me.

Our most recent story:  The American Revolution

It takes us from the French and Indian War to the Treaty of Paris. It's an exciting story filled with heroes and battles.

And now it's on our wall.

I used twine strung between small finishing nails and mini clothes pin to make our timeline.

Each card has the name of an integral person or event from the Revolutionary War.

There's room on the back for students to write how the person/event impacted the war. We also shaded the Colonial people and victories blue and the British ones red.

There are 48 cards in the set. They can be used individually as trading cards or put together in a flip book like this...

I punched a single hole in the bottom right hand corner and attached them with a brad. They could also be stapled.

Each card comes in three sizes and the set includes blank cards so you can add any person or event not included.

If these cards would be a help in your classroom or homeschool, you can find them here.

A Civil War set is also available here.

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