Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Congratulations! You've Almost Made It!

It's that time of year!  The end of the school year.  Students are preparing to move to the next grade.  Teachers are packing up their rooms.  Some will change grades or districts, some will put the stuff right back up where it always goes in August.  Either way, this part of the year is a wonderfully exciting time.

Can you tell I just LOVE summer?

I teach middle school science.  At the end of each school year (which is next week for us) we have an end-of-the-year awards assembly.  At that assembly I get to present three awards to three of my students.  

Our three categories are...

1.  Overall Achievement:

2.  Most Improved:

3.  Highest Class Average:

I whipped up some awards for my science team the other day and then posted them at my store as a freebie for anyone who could find them useful.  I added a fourth science award that didn't have a specific category, just a general science award.

If these would be a help to you, feel free to stop by and download them here.

Enjoy the last few weeks (or days) with this year's kiddos!  

A special thanks to Not Just for Elementary for the free digital paper available at her store here.

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