Sunday, April 21, 2013

Making My Straight Lines Straight

A little helpful tip that I've been taking advantage of this year is using a rotary cutter to cut out classroom materials.  At first it went against all the quilter in me, but then I invested in an inexpensive rotary cutter and gave it a try.  Let's just say, fantastic!

Here are the tools needed:

A rotary cutter, cutting mat and an acrylic ruler or guide.

The sharp, clean edges it leaves are so much neater than when I was cutting things out by hand and the rotary cutter gives me so much more control than the paper cutter I have at school.

No matter what angles, a rotary cutter makes great straight lines and gives you much more consistency in how close or far away you are from the lines.  I always hate it when I have a crooked line.  Drives me crazy!

I also love that I can cut my laminated items without the waviness I usually get.  Maybe I'm just a poor scissor user.  I'm sure it's user error, but this helps me tremendously.

Rotary cutters can be found in any store with a craft section.  Enjoy!

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