Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mapping an Insect

I love finding crafty things to do in my classroom.  I like scissors and glue and markers and colored pencils.  It doesn't float every kid's boat, so I try to do a little of this and that to hit everyone's area.  

One of my favorite activities is mapping things.  Here we've mapped an insect.

If you let your kids loose and let their imaginations run, you'll end up with all kinds of neat patterns and designs.

After learning the parts of an insect, I give them the handout.  They fill in the key with the colors and/or designs they choose.

Next, they color the insect parts to match their key.

I love the finished product!  I think it's such a neat and creative way to familiarize them with the parts of an insect.  This activity works with lots of different things (parts of a flower, parts of a bird, parts of the brain, etc.).

Let's Map:  An Insect is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

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